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A little history


I'm Mary, mother to a young and beautiful girl. I am a Long Island native with a career in the fitness industry. I was recently at a crossroads in my career. I loved my job because it gave me an opportunity to help others achieve their fitness goals. However, what wasn’t fun were the long hours, missed events, not experiencing special moments with my daughter, and barely spending time with my fiancée. These were time spent that I was never going to get back. So, I had to make a decision to create a life where I would have the freedom of time and money to spend with my family. I left to become a travelpreneur—a world traveler! I grew up hearing that traveling was for the rich people only. I was told to wait until retirement before I would have the time and money to do so. I disagree with that mindset. I believe that we all should live our lives to give back and we should also check off items in our bucket list. Every choice you make is an opportunity to move closer to your dreams. I am forever grateful for the choices I've taken and it has led me down apath where I’m able to travel the world with my family.



I stepped out of my comfort zone to start up my own new-age business within the travel space. Myroad to becoming a travelpreneur began when I made the decision to start a business where I aman independent representative (network marketing professional) of the world’s largest and coolest travel club in the world. It hasn’t been without some ups and down; however, I never let it get in the way of my set goal of having the time and income I desired to have with my family. I can now take vacations when I want, not just when I get an approval from a "boss." I've also had the pleasure to grow and mentor a team of people from around the world to have success being travelprenuers. 




A  luxury lifestyle club that allow you to save and earn money while you  are on a vacation. A revolution concept of travel that is going to  change the travel habit of most travelers in the next 5 years. 

 Our  loyalty program helps members travel more frequently. Image every time  you spend money you can earn travel points? Image having so many points  that you can pay for your vacation? What if I told you that with you're  points not only can you travel on you're dream vacation but you can also  buy that new wardrobe you want to go on that trip in style!   

 Through innovative thinking and a commitment to quality, we bring our Members the best value possible, at home and abroad.  


How I EARN my vacations vs. having to pay for all of them.

So  I am going to let you in on a little secret. I will show you exactly  how you can EARN your VACATIONS from things that you’re already doing!